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FVCK Lifestyle is an anti violence, pro-positivity lifestyle fashion brand.

We were Initially founded in 2012, left the market in 2015 and have since returned to restore the brand in 2020.
We use our contemporary apparel products as a canvas to model the prohibition of violence in all its forms, and promote qualities relating to excellence, peace and a high moral standard for humanity at large.

Our acronym logo is symbolic to the benefit of what we stand for.

The "FVCK" , is an acronym that stands for "FORGET VIOLENCE CREATE KINGS", and its "vulgar, derogatory, aggressive connotation at 1st glance poses as our attitude and expression of intolerance for violence in all its forms.
The 2 blood red strips situated on top and beneath the FVCK acronym represent the bloodshed that has been as a result of the violence in question.

The ELY LENSLEY bit appearing in the smallest detail in the colour gold is a representation of the glimmer of hope that still exists amid the prevailing circumstances. Ely Lensley is the alias of the designer that 1st created and pieced these elements together.

FVCK Lifestyle is a Proudly South African lifestyle, fashion, clothing brand!

Delivery Info

Below are the procedures to follow and processes to expect when retrieving your parcel.

1. After successfully placing your order via our online store or on whatsapp, you will receive a
notification either via email or whatsapp informing you of the lead time of your order.
2. You will then receive your order tracking number via the same channel of communication,
which you will use to track your shipment on either our courier partner’s platform or here
on the FVCK Lifestyle website, on the right hand side of the home page header.
3. Your order will then be delivered to your doorstep by an agent with a face mask on and a
bottle of hand sanitizer which will be used throughout the handover of your goods/parcel.
4. You will be given a 7 day return/exchange grace period in the event of any dissatisfactions
you may experience from your goods.
- We charge a flat delivery fee of R90 on orders within SA.
- Normal Delivery is fee on orders above R1,500 locally. R90 is charged on overnight
delivery orders of this value.
- Deliveries typically take between 3-5 working days on orders shipped nationally
- Overnight national deliveries are shipped at a flat rate of R225 per order.
- International orders will be billed at a rate of R350 per order and delivery will typically
happen within 7 working days

Care Guide

Care Guide (how to wash and clean for your FVCK garment):

Our FVCK garments comprise mainly of a screen print and embroidery.

For items that contain a screen-print, avoid ironing on the print irrespective of the material used (nylon, polyester, triacetate).

1. Categorise your washing laundry into different colours to avoid dye staining bright colour item i.e don't mix a triacetate maroon tracksuit
with a white crewneck t-shirt. Do not mix an FVCK exclusive jogger (with a zip) together with a crewneck t-shirt.
2. It is also preferable to group laundry items per product type.. do navy blue fvck joggers with other navy blue like joggers or pants. Alternatively
you can group garments per material i.e wash synthetic items together. This exercise will make sure that (in case of a washing machine), the washer/dryer won't
be too hot for items of different texture which may subsequently end up ruining the garments.
3. Turn your garment inside out before washing.
4. DO NOT iron on screen-print and on the embroided logo. Ironing on print may cause the print to peel or crack.
5. Use cold water when washing your FVCK garment. Cold water is good for preventing the the ink from the screen print from distilling. If using a washing machine, use a low temperature or a cold wash setting.
6. Avoid the use of heavy duty detergents used in industrial washing folds. A normal household detergent will do the trick.

Returns Policy

What the CPA says

*Non defective goods*
All goods sold in good order and condition are subject to a 7 day cooling off return period (7 days from purchase date/delivery date for site purchases) to which we will issue credit.
Although not obligated, we will consider issuing a refund depending on the merits of the situation.

Defective goods
All goods sold with defects will be accepted following an inspection of goods to determine beyond reasonable doubt whether the goods were in fact defective by factory fault, or whether the consumer has demonstrated gross negligence and strained the goods. In the event of the former, we will issue either credit or a full refund which will be determined by the customer. In the event of the latter, we will not assume responsibility and will not offer either means of amends.

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